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The Benefits of the Giraffe Rolling Cane over a Quad Cane

The Benefits of the Giraffe Rolling Cane over a Quad Cane

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Rolling Canes and Quad Canes are devices that aid in mobility and walking and can provide extra support to allow a person to walk independently and safely. These devices have 4 feet at the base which provides greater stability than a single point cane because they have a broader base of support.

                                                 Giraffe Rolling CaneQuad cane

Similarities between Rolling Canes and Quad Canes

Both Giraffe Rolling Canes and quad canes are freestanding. The user can take their hand off at any time without the cane falling. Both types of canes are compact and can fit in tight spaces such as a small bathroom or on stair treads. Furthermore, both the rolling cane and the quad cane should be used on the opposite side of the weaker leg. For example, if a person had a stroke and their left side is weak, they should use the cane in their right hand. The cane moves with the affected side. In the example, the cane and the left leg move forward together. If the person’s right side is weak, then the cane should go in the left hand.

Man on stairs using Giraffe Rolling Cane

Disadvantages of the Quad Cane

Quad canes can be cumbersome and heavy, which can be a disadvantage for someone who is weak, in pain, or has balance issues. The user’s walking speed is also limited due to the full process of picking up the quad cane and moving it forward, then placing it on the floor with all 4 feet securely in contact with the ground. This takes time and the user must follow the full procedure to use it properly and safely. There is a safety risk for those users who cannot or do not use the quad cane correctly.

 Advantages of the Giraffe Rolling Cane

The main advantage of the Giraffe Rolling Cane is that it rolls and does not need to be picked up with each step. It allows for greater fluidity with walking and less risk of falling because it eliminates the need to pick it up with each step. This means that the user can walk faster than with the quad cane. It also takes less energy to use because it rolls. It is less cumbersome and awkward to use. Although the Giraffe Rolling Cane is lightweight, the user does not have to lift it with each step which makes it much easier to use. It is simple to use. The Giraffe Rolling Cane also has a convenient storage basket to allow users to carry small personal items securely. Click this link to watch a YouTube video of a person who had a stroke walking with the Giraffe Rolling Cane

woman at stove using Giraffe Rolling Cane

In Conclusion

The Giraffe Rolling Cane has a huge advantage over the quad cane because it rolls and does not need to be picked up with each step. The Giraffe Rolling Cane is great for someone with a knee, ankle, leg, or foot injury or weakness. It can also be beneficial for someone who has an injury or surgery to one arm and cannot use a walker. The Giraffe Rolling Cane may help allow the user to stay in their home and be more independent and safer. Please consult with your physician or physical therapist to assess the appropriateness of a rolling cane for your specific needs.

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