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Jan 29, 2024

The Benefits of the Giraffe Rolling Cane over a Quad Cane

The main advantage of the Giraffe Rolling Cane is that it rolls and does not need to be picked up with each step. It allows for greater fluidity with walking and less risk of falling because it eliminates the need to pick it up with each step. This means that the user can walk faster than with the quad cane. It also takes less energy to use because it rolls. It is less cumbersome and awkward to use. Although the Giraffe Rolling Cane is lightweight, the user does not have to lift it with each step which makes it much easier to use. It is simple to use. The Giraffe Rolling Cane also has a convenient storage basket to allow users to carry small personal items securely.

Nov 9, 2022

7 Common Reasons Why a Person May Need a Cane

Do you sometimes wonder if you should be using a cane? A cane may help with stability and allow for safer mobility. Here are 7 common reasons why a person may need a cane: minor problems with balance or stability, weakness or injury in one leg, pain or arthritis in one leg, after a surgical procedure, certain medical conditions, impaired vision and/or hearing, and the feeling that you might fall.

Oct 26, 2022

5 Features to Look for When Choosing a Walking Cane

More and more seniors are using walking aids. A cane should assist your gait and balance. Using the wrong cane may result in an increased risk of injury or cause secondary issues such as bad posture. Five features to look for in a cane include durability, adjustability, secure handgrip, freestanding, and rolling. Knowing what to look for when purchasing a cane is important so you get the safest and most compatible cane for your needs. Your physician or licensed medical practitioner will also be helpful in your search for the best cane for your situation.

Sep 18, 2022

How to Use a Cane on Stairs

Stairs can be dangerous. Some basic safety precautions should be followed to minimize falls and injuries on stairs. To walk upstairs with a cane, step up with the stronger leg first and then place the cane up to the same step while stepping up with the weaker leg. To go downstairs with a cane, place the cane on the lower step and then step down with the weaker leg first. The phrase “up with the good and down with the bad” will help to remember the correct sequencing.

Aug 20, 2022

Falls and Fall Prevention

Falls are not a normal part of aging and many of them can be prevented. It is important to reduce risk factors and introduce interventions for fall prevention. The key is to remain as active as safely possible.

Jul 17, 2022

Best Cane to Use after a Stroke

Having a stroke is usually life altering. Many people who have had a stroke and have one-sided weakness or paralysis may need to use a cane to improve their safety with walking. There are several types of canes to use: single-point canes, pivoting feet canes, quad canes, rolling canes, and hemi-walkers.

Jul 15, 2022

What is a Rolling Cane?

A rolling cane is a common type of cane for walking. It is a one-handed walking aid that has wheels and rolls. Rolling canes benefit many people including people with one-sided weakness from a stroke, people who have one-sided leg pain, and people who use a quad cane.

Jun 8, 2022

Ultimate Guide to the Giraffe Rolling Cane

The Ultimate Guide to the Giraffe Rolling Cane is just that - a complete guide on how to adjust it, how to use it, the features and benefits, and safety information for the Giraffe Rolling Cane.

Jun 8, 2022

6 Types of Canes for Walking

A comparison between 6 common types of canes: single-point canes, pivoting feet canes, multiple-point canes, rolling canes, folding canes, and seat canes.
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