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Person standing with Giraffe Rolling Cane

What is a Rolling Cane?

Disclaimer: Our company makes and sells the Giraffe Rolling Cane


A rolling cane is a type of cane for walking. It has features and benefits for many people who need a cane. Rolling canes may positively impact small balance issues by adding an extra point or several points of contact with the ground. This increases the base of support and helps with stability. They can also take pressure away from a weak or painful leg, which may help with balance. A cane can provide up to 25% support for the user.

Man walking indoors with Giraffe Rolling Cane

A rolling cane is a one-handed walking aid that has wheels and rolls. It may have one wheel or multiple wheels. The main advantage of a rolling cane is that it does not have to be picked up and moved with each step. This takes less energy from the user. The user does not have to grip it so tightly because they don’t need to pick it up. Also, for some people with coordination or balance issues, picking up a regular cane or quad cane and moving it forward can throw them off-balanced making it unsafe. Or the quad cane may feel too heavy and be difficult for the user to control it and advance it forward.  A rolling cane eliminates the need to pick it up, making it easier and using less energy for the user.  

Another benefit is that most rolling canes are freestanding, therefore they won’t fall if you remove your hand to reach for something or do something with both hands. It stays in place. There is no need to hang the rolling cane on a doorknob or someplace secure because it will stand on its own.

White and Gray Giraffe Rolling Canes side by side

Some rolling canes, such as the Giraffe Rolling Cane, have a convenient basket also. The basket provides a handy place to keep small items, so they are always near and in the same spot for easy retrieval.

Giraffe Rolling Cane basket

Most rolling canes have a compact design which allows them to fit through narrow doorways and in small spaces such as a small bathroom. The Giraffe Rolling Cane will also fit on most stair treads so it can be used on stairs.

Man using Giraffe Rolling Cane on stairs

Rolling canes may be beneficial for many people. People who may benefit from a rolling cane include:

  • People who have one-sided weakness from a stroke often feel rolling canes are the best walking device for them.
  • People who have one arm only may benefit from a rolling cane.
  • People who have one-sided leg pain, such as hip, knee, or foot pain, may benefit from a rolling cane.
  • People with arthritis in their hand may benefit from a rolling cane.
  • People who use a quad cane may benefit from a rolling cane.
  • People who use a regular cane and it often falls on the floor may benefit from a rolling cane.

Please consult with your physician or licensed medical professional for questions and to determine the appropriate walking device for you.


For more information about the Giraffe Rolling Cane, check out our website at

Videos on YouTube:

Giraffe Rolling Cane Instructional Video

Giraffe Rolling Cane Features & Benefits

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