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Best Cane to Use after a Stroke

Best Cane to Use after a Stroke

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According to the CDC, more than 795,000 people in the United States have a stroke every year. Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke.

Having a stroke is usually life-altering. Stroke survivors must often rebuild a new life for themselves and require greater caregiver assistance. They may not be able to return to their prior level of activity. They may have new physical needs that now mean they need to use a walking aid. Many people who have had a stroke and have one-sided weakness or paralysis may need to use a cane to improve their safety with walking. There are several types of canes available. The most common are single-point canes, pivoting foot canes, tripods and quad canes, rolling canes, and hemi-walkers.

woman standing with Giraffe Rolling Cane

Single-Point Canes

Single-point canes have a single shaft and a single tip with a rubber gripper on the end. The tip helps provide traction with the ground and prevents the cane from slipping. To provide safe use, the tip must not be worn through. Single-point canes are lightweight and have a simple design. They are good for people who need just a little extra stability. These canes can be difficult for some people to coordinate the proper sequencing of moving the cane with their stepping. They also are not freestanding and often fall on the floor.

Single-point Cane

Pivoting Foot Canes

A pivoting foot cane has a single shaft and a pivoting base on the ground end. These canes are more freestanding than a single-point cane but can still fall relatively easily. They provide good traction with the ground and are good on uneven surfaces. As with single-point canes, some people find it challenging to coordinate the proper sequencing of advancing the cane with their gait pattern.

Pivoting foot cane

Tripods and Quad Canes

Tripods and quad canes have a single shaft with three (tripod) or four (quad cane) separate prongs at the base. These canes are freestanding and provide more stability than single-point canes. They can become off-balanced on uneven surfaces. These canes are best for someone who walks more slowly.

Quad cane

Rolling Canes

Rolling Canes have wheels that allow them to roll instead of picking them up with each step. It takes less energy to use a rolling cane compared to a quad cane. Also, for some people with coordination or balance issues, picking up a regular cane or quad cane and moving it forward can throw them off-balanced making it unsafe. Rolling canes eliminate this issue. These canes are truly freestanding; therefore, they will not fall if you remove your hand. It stands in place. Some rolling canes, such as the Giraffe Rolling Cane, have a convenient basket to store small items so they are always near and in the same spot for easy retrieval. Most rolling canes have a compact design which allows them to fit through small doorways and in small bathrooms. The Giraffe Rolling Cane will also fit on most stair treads so it can be used on stairs.

Giraffe Rolling Cane


Hemi-walkers have four legs and a wide base of support which provides the greatest stability to the user. On the downside, hemi-walkers can be bulky, off-balanced on uneven surfaces, and awkward to use for some people. They don’t always fit through doorways easily and may be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. For some people, they do provide the most stability allowing the user to walk more safely.


In closing, there are several canes available to someone who has had a stroke. Using the appropriate cane for the level of need is important. Please consult with your physician or licensed medical professional for questions and further information.

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