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Gray and White Giraffe Rolling Canes side by side
Gray and White Giraffe Rolling Canes side by side
White and Gray Giraffe Rolling Canes side by side

Instructions and Safety Information

Woman with Giraffe Rolling Cane sitting on stone bench

Instructions for Use

To walk with the Giraffe Rolling Cane, hold the handgrip in one hand, steer with the handle, and roll the cane at the side. The Giraffe Rolling Cane is specifically designed to easily roll over small transitions in flooring to avoid the need to pick it up on relatively even surfaces thereby using less energy. Avoid slippery floors, liquids on the floor, electrical cords in the pathway, and other obstacles. The Giraffe Rolling cane is not intended to support the full weight of the user and has a 250 pound weight limit. It is a lightweight cane that provides minimal support. It is not intended to provide the same level of support as a walker.

Man with Giraffe Rolling Cane holding dog outside on patio

Safety and Maintenance

Consult with your physician or licensed medical professional for questions and further instructions for use. Before each use, thoroughly inspect the Giraffe Rolling Cane to ensure all components are secure and in good working order. Do not use the product if any part appears to be compromised or unsafe. Failing to do so could result in injury to the user.

Please read our Terms of Service for full information.

Gray shaded image of man holding Giraffe Rolling Cane with 20-30 degree bend in elbow

Fit Guide and Height Adjustment

While standing straight, looking forward, and arms down at the sides, the handgrip should be at wrist level. When the hand is placed on the handgrip, the elbow should be bent 20 - 30 degrees. The Giraffe Rolling Cane should be used in the opposite hand of the weaker leg.

The height adjustments should be made on all 4 legs. To adjust the leg, push the spring button in and extend the telescoping leg to make it taller or retract it to make it shorter. Ensure the spring button engages fully in the hole to be securely locked in position. Each leg needs to be adjusted to the same hole number so the Giraffe Rolling Cane is stable. The neck or handle may also be adjusted if a taller height is necessary.

Watch Instructional Video.

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